“Bonding Buddies: Chloe the Beagle and Rue the Bunny Form an Unlikely Friendship, Enjoying Snuggles and Strolls Together”

Heartwarming photos showcase the special friendship between Rue, an adorable bunny, and Chloe, a Beagle dog. The unlikely duo enjoys snuggling together, going on walks, and embarking on adventures in Seattle, Washington.
Megan Cottone, their owner, revealed that the one-year-old Rue and six-year-old Chloe instantly connected due to their friendly personalities. Alongside another rabbit and two guinea pigs, they form a unique and loving animal family in their household.

Beagle dog Chloe, 6, and bunny Rue, 1, are the best of friends. They live together in Seattle, Washington, with another rabbit and two guinea pigs.

Chloe, the 6-year-old Beagle, and Rue, the 1-year-old bunny, have formed an incredible bond as the closest of pals. Residing in Seattle, Washington, they share their home with a second rabbit and a pair of guinea pigs.

The pair wear matching jumpers in the car

Snuggling in a towel

The duo also enjoys taking leisurely strolls together (depicted on the left riding in the car and on the right after a nice bath).

Owner Megan Cottone said they bonded due to their distinct temperaments. She captioned this image with: 'You're supposed to be social distancing, not kissing'

Megan Cottone, the owner, mentioned that they formed a special connection because of their unique personalities. She jokingly captioned the photo with, “Instead of kissing, you should be practicing social distancing.”

The bunny and dog pictured together riding in the back of Ms Cottone's car on an adventure

The rabbit and dog were captured in various heartwarming moments while embarking on adventures together in the back of Ms. Cottone’s car. The photos showcase them snuggled under a cozy blanket, sporting matching jackets, and perched in a carrier box during their outings.

In addition, they are spotted sporting harnesses as they explore cliffs near their home and frolicking in the snow during Rue’s first experience with the fluffy white powder. Chloe is seen peacefully dozing next to Rue in a bed, highlighting their close bond.

Describing the duo, Ms. Cottone mentions how Rue, the bunny, is trusting and outgoing, while Chloe, the dog, exudes calmness and patience. Their shared love for sleeping and snuggling is evident, alongside their joint exploration of the world during their trips.

The pair also enjoyed hopping around for Rue's first experience of snow in Seattle

The duo had a blast jumping and frolicking in the snow during Rue’s inaugural encounter with Seattle’s winter wonderland.

The rabbits are pictured cuddling above

The pair are shown snuggled tightly above

Shown in the image above, they are seen snuggled up together, clearly displaying a bond that surpasses the relationships with their other housemates.

The pair enjoy snow showers on a hill near their home in Seattle, Washington

The couple enjoys watching the snow fall on a hill close to their residence in Seattle, Washington. The woman also shared a story about how Chloe once bravely defended Rue from a sudden intrusion of aggressive dogs into their backyard.

“Yesterday, we were chilling on the deck with Chloe and Rue, enjoying the sunset, when two dogs unexpectedly dashed into our yard and charged straight at Chloe and Rue,” stated Ms. Cottone. “While Chloe is usually friendly towards other dogs, she immediately stood her ground and got into a little scuffle with them. I quickly brought Rue inside, and my partner Gray hurried towards Chloe and the dogs’ owners (who were very apologetic). I’ve never witnessed Chloe react that way towards another dog before, which made me believe that she sensed danger and was guarding her beloved bunny.”

Ms Cottone is so enamored with the pair that she ordered a blanket showing their faces

Ms Cottone is absolutely smitten with the duo, to the point where she even went ahead and commissioned a custom blanket featuring their adorable faces.

The two enjoying a winter wonderland photographed earlier this year

The couple captured in a snowy paradise in a photo taken earlier this season.

Ms. Cottone mentioned that in addition to ‘TheBeagleAndTheBun’, she also has another rabbit and two guinea pigs as pets. However, her Instagram account for the unique pair has gathered over 21,900 followers. In a photo of the two cuddling on a hill, she jokingly captioned, “You two should be social distancing, not smooching!”

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