“Fit and Fabulous Mom Gal Gadot Shares Adorable Gym Time with Daughter on Instagram”

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Gal Gadot spent six hours a day working out to prepare for her role in Wonder Woman: 1984. She shared a photo on Instagram of herself and her daughter taking a break at the gym, showcasing her toned arms and legs while donning a Wonder Woman tank top and shorts. In addition to her gym sessions, Gal spent two hours horseback riding for her workouts. While she is known for her superhero roles, she is also a doting mother, as seen in the sweet photo she shared with one of her daughters. Fans couldn’t help but admire the heartwarming moment.

Gal recently shared a heartwarming moment with her fans on Instagram. In the photo, she can be seen taking a break from her workout, while her daughter lies next to her on a yoga mat. Gal looks stunning in a vintage Wonder Woman tank top and matching shorts that beautifully accentuate her toned arms and legs. The post received a lot of love from fans, including celebrities like Kate Hudson and Gisele Bündchen. Gal works hard to maintain her physique for her superhero roles. She spends two hours every day doing intense Marvel workouts. Her trainer, Magnus Lygdback, designs different workouts to target specific body parts and ensure proper recovery time.

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Gal engaged in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions on an assault bike and a treadmill, supplemented by abs exercises at the end of each day. Her trainer, Lygdback, also assisted her in creating a meal plan that would provide her with the necessary fuel for six hours of training throughout the day. To maintain her energy levels, Gal consumed three meals and two snacks daily, incorporating whole foods, protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats, while avoiding high-glycemic carbs such as white bread. For breakfast, she might have had poached eggs with quinoa, tomato, and avocado. Her morning snack usually consisted of a small salad made with tomatoes, seeds, and cured meats. Lunch typically included grilled fish such as tuna paired with grilled bok choy, pickled radishes, baby broccoli, and peppers.

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Gal enjoys a unique salad for her midday snack that consists of grilled mackerel, seeds, and guacamole. For dinner, she loves to indulge in a lavish meal that typically includes steak, kale, kimchi, and wild rice. When Gal is not busy working, she prefers a more relaxed workout routine and usually opts for paddleboarding and TRX. She shared this information with Harper’s Bazaar during an interview.

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